Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Only A Few

If you are one of the many who work in a personal profession with others such as nurse,doctor,priest,firemen,police officer and such,then you understand that we give a great deal of our time,love and caring to try and make things right with people in our everyday lives.
We choose to help others because we have a need to spread what little we have in time and talent,to help affect the lives of those around us.
Although there are a great many of us who selflessly try to do the best we can and be the best person we can be we are constantly bombarded by news both in printed articles and t.v. media of those who abuse the professions we have been called to serve.
In today's Boston Paper an article ran of a priest in New Hampshire who had gone on to Craig's list to meet someone at a motel,whom he probably planned on having sex with.upon his arrival he was arrested,even though no money had exchanged hands.
Last night,on the evening news,they showed several police officers beating on a person up against a cement wall.The police tried to say this person had been kicked by one of the mounted police horses' but the camera proved otherwise.
During Holy Week and Easter the Catholic Church was under attack about pedophile priests,cases from over twenty years ago. The media saying the Pope had not done enough and he should resign his position.
Many months ago a nurse was arrested because while working in an emergency room she decided to inject herself with narcotics then replaced the used needles back in the draw among the new needles.Unfortunately for the patients whom these needles were used on they received hepatitis from her,which she knew she had at that time.
You know these are minorities and one bad apple doesn't make everyone in the profession bad.
We who are in the trenches,so to speak,are the ones making the differences while these misguided people cause havoc,we are left to pick up the pieces and wear our uniforms proudly in the face of adversary.
No one person defines an entire group but because of sensationalism form the press we are all put into one category.
How many selfless people do you know who go to work every day and truly give of themselves for your benefit?
People who give you a warm handshake,listen to your problems and try the best they can to help you in times of physical,mental and spiritual distress.
I chose nursing because I wanted to make a change in the lives of others and it is a slap in the face when all the media wants to do is show how bad a profession is by the evil a few people do.
You know we belong to jobs that not only do we see and hear terrible things from the people who come to take council in us but are also not allowed to share these facts with anyone else.
The amount of mental burden placed on another human being can be excessive,some people can take the stress and some people can not and crack under it by acting out and doing things that we as professionals would not condone.
Its never an excuse to say I have a drug addiction,have sex with children,sell myself,am a gambler or alcoholic because of stress but it is an issue when you can not face these things and seek help for yourself.
I am very fortunate I have friends who are fellow nurses whom I can vent to and a very good spiritual leader in my priest,who is able to help me in constructive spiritual ways to be at and come to,peace with my emotional needs.
To help others is one of God's greatest gifts but we also,now and then,need to learn that we too are in need of help.If we do not face the facts of who we are and what our own needs are then we can not hope to help others.
It is never a good thing to lose your self to your demons.

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