Sunday, May 2, 2010

What You See,What You Hear

Back in the days of the Old Testament when the Jewish people were migrating,they always build their temples higher then the rest of the land mass they were occupying.
They would position the openings of their tents in the direction of the temple so that every morning the first thing they saw as they opened their tent flap to start their day was the house of God.
It was no mistake that they did this.If the first thing you see in the great light of a new day is the Temple of God then you understand what your life is suppose to revolve around.
We in this country seem to not understand this with rampant pornography on the computer and bad actions and language on t.v. we are so accustomed to starting our day with evil rather then good,that we don't even notice it.
How much of what you watch on t.v is in any way good for? The news is violent and one sided,no matter which station you watch,the commercials are sexist and sometimes sleazy and even the entertainment is demoralizing and disrespectful.
Our children play violent video games and watch movies,even cartoons,that are full of parental disrespect and unchild like talk and opinions.
Now I'm no saint myself and many are the days where I am around things that are far from pure,mostly because of my own choice.But I try always to start my morning with prayer for myself, my family and friends.
On days I work and am in my car,I put on a tape of the New Testament and try not to listen to any music or talk after the chapter is done,I'm hoping that in so doing some of what I just heard will absorb into my present conscious and filter through out my up coming day.
Believe it or not what we see,hear or read when we first get up has an impact on us through out our day.Our subconscious is a wondrous thing and in order for us to run smoothly we need to start our day with a knowledge that we are neither alone nor helpless.
I once talked to some one who told me every day before she put her feet on the floor she simply says "This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice in it and feel glad."
I don't know about you but to me this seems like a much better way to start my day then by having the local news station tell me what the latest death count is this morning in New Haven.

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