Monday, April 12, 2010

Respect at School

Several weeks ago a young girl who was bullied and harassed by her fellow school students decided not living was better then living a personal hell and so she hung her self.
Bullying is a terrible thing and unfortunately as been going on since the dawn of time.
No one deserves to be treated badly by anyone and especially not by fellow class mates.
What was so terrible about this young girl was it her British accent,her shyness,her not being able to fit in with the "Cool kids"?
Was it fun for those who taunted her? Did it make them feel big and important? Was no one brave enough to stand up and say "leave her alone".
In the real world if you abuse anyone,be it mental or physical,you are arrested and sent to jail.Yet in the school yard why is this considered acceptable behavior to attack the weak in order to make others feel strong?
Why are we more concerned about sex education and denying children the right to pray in class then we are about how our children are allowed to treat a fellow student whom we should consider precious?
We spend more time in schools worrying about a word like Christmas and how it will offend someone from outside the school system,then we are concerned about the offensive nasty words that come out of children's mouths every day that truly degrade and belittle another.
There are many reasons and people to blame for such things.The teachers who do not get involved,the parents who say "not my child how dare you pick on my child",the principle who tolerates unacceptable behavior.
I feel there should be classes in kindergarten to teach these children empathy while they are still innocent enough to understand and care.Children should be taught "put ups" not "put downs".
Zero tolerance should be allowed for bulling and early interventions for both those who are bullied and those who do the bulling should be acted upon right away.
No child should have to spend every day in dread and fear and now days not even be able to escape it when they get home because of computers and cell phones.
Parents need to take more time to help encourage their children into activities and not be afraid to punish their children for irresponsible behavior.The state should not walk in an interfere with your rights as a parent.
It takes many people to raise a child and those who do not have the support they need at home need to have support from elsewhere.Granted we put way to much responsibilities on our school systems and teachers but sometimes all it takes is one person to interfere in the life of a child to make a special impact on them.

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