Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knitting Mittens

2 weeks ago while at Michael's craft store in Dayville.I began to look around at all the different crafts and before I knew it I was in the yarn section.
It has been a very long time since I have knitted and to be honest I have gotten rid of all my needles during one of my "I'm never going to use it so give it away" phases.
While in the aisle I noticed that some of the skeins of yarn were on sale for $.99 and suddenly the urge came over me to knit.
But what should I make?
Some thing easy and short and something I could give away.
But what?
I know mittens!
As the excitement grew I knew this was to be my next project so I picked up some inexpensive bamboo needles a skein of yarn and an inexpensive knitting book for beginners.
Sitting down to work on my first mitten was lots of fun until I realized this was going to take longer then I thought,since I had to reacquaint myself with how to add on stitches,slip them off and keep count.
Being determined to do this I plodded on.It's very hard to make things when you are anal and I can be stubborn especially when things are not,what I consider,perfect enough.I will restart something a dozen times if need be because I insist that things have to be done correctly.
With in one week I had finished the first mitten then the next day I had started and finished the second one (yeah it really only takes a few hours to make one once you get the pattern right and stop being so ANAL!!!!).
Now with extra yarn left over I decided to make a knitted headband to go with the pair of mittens for a head warmer.
I have not decided where I plan to send my mittens but have decided to try and make one pair a month in different sizes and maybe I will send them to a homeless shelter.
Either way I don't care the excitement is in the making and the knowing that maybe someone who would have gone without this winter will have some nice warm,but imperfect,mittens.
I guess its not how perfect they are its how warm they are and how my time is being used to help another person in some round about way.
Anyways you never know where you will be when something important will strike you and a call will be put out to you,even if its just to make some mittens.

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