Saturday, April 3, 2010


When we think of Resurrection we think of Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Morning.
But a Resurrection is also a dying to ones self and rising up to God.Every time we choose to do the right thing in God eyes we die a little to our selves.We rise closer to God and farther from ourselves.
We as Christians are told we are not of this world.Jesus said that if we were of this world we would be loved by this world but we are not of this world so we are hated.
We live a life style contrary to the world.We are not to be all about us but all about our brothers and sisters.We understand that there are rules and regulations to our lives and we freely give our selves over to these rules even when they are uncomfortable and confusing.
Jesus said "they hated me and they will hate you." "You are not greater then the master and you will be treated badly because they treated me badly."
But we are part of the Devinne plan which at present we are not allowed to see.We willingly give up our selves to be something hard and difficult something closer to God and farther from us.
Is it frightening? yes it is!
The Bible says we are tested like metal and become purer from the flame and heat.The harder we become the stronger we become until the steel no longer fractures from the stress of the pounding.
Being a christian requires perseverance,dedication and most of all love.We must love all in some way because every one is a part of the almighty himself.Even Jesus nailed to the cross said "Father forgive them for they know not what they do".
To take on the life of Christ and move forward with him means picking up your cross and letting your personal self be nailed on it in order to be resurrected to a life in God.
Today is Holy Saturday the day Jesus went down into hell to rescue those who believed in him. Many we're asked but how many made the trip out of hell with him?
We are no different every day Jesus puts his hand out to us, beckoning to us to take hold and be raised out of our personal hells.
He wants us to become one with him and the Father and make a personal Resurrection to a better life.
Tomorrow is the day Jesus tramples down death by death for us.What will we trample down in our lives for him?

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