Friday, April 9, 2010


Have you ever thought you knew exactly how you felt about a certain thing only to be shot down and redirected by circumstances?
I always think I know how I will deal with situations but just looking into some ones face or hearing someones story can turn my whole out look on something around.
I have this annoying habit of being able to tell by someones demeanor what sort of mood they are in.It doesn't take me long to size someone up and decide what I'm up against.
This can be very distracting.Just when I think I have every thing figured out I'm thrown a curve ball simply by how someone speaks,looks or acts.
Although this is a great quality when taking care of people as a nurse,it can also be a double edged sword.When you think you have gotten your best laid plans all in place suddenly they are smashed into a million pieces.
Maybe this is what the Holy Spirit is all about.Suddenly your filled with empathy and grace for another person and your own personal view flies right out the door.
How do you go from self centeredness to otherness any other way?
I can tell you it can be very upsetting to suddenly turn from its all about me to its all about you and your problems.
They say we all have gifts and maybe this is one of mine.Its not exactly the gift I would choose for myself but maybe,for some unknown reason,this is a gift to be worked on and figured out.

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