Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Now Noah was called by God to build an ark.Seems God had viewed the world and saw it to be evil and decided the time had come to basically start over again.
When the ark was finished God told Noah to gather his family and all the animals of the world,both male and female,in pairs of each species and go into the ark.
It rained for forty days and nights with no dry land in sight.As the days and months went by Noah tried three times to send out birds,to search for dry ground and on his last attempt it indeed was found.
Noah,his family and all the animals came out of the ark and to thank God for being saved from the flood,he built an alter for scarifice.
He,his family and all the animals went out into the world to be fruitful and multiply as God had commanded.
After spending many days dealing with rain and flooding I can only imagine how poor Noah and his family held up all those forty days and nights with the great rains falling around them.
We here in New England have been pretty soggy to say the least.With small rivers of water running down the sides of the road and over flowing our small Quinebaug River banks.
Today is a new day the rains have stopped and the birds are singing in the trees, calling to each other to enjoy the glory of the dry sky and soft but filtered sun light.
Great is the power of water and mighty can be its roar.It can be both a blessing and a curse.
Boaters always say you must respect the oceans and the seas because your power is so small and its so great.Frightening like the hand of God.
Back in the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans they held two gods whom they felt ruled the oceans and the seas Poseidon and Neptune.This was their way of explaining the powers of so calm a thing at one moment and so raging a thing at the other.They felt they needed to appease the gods to save them selves. If the gods were not happy you definitely were not going to have a good day either.
Now days we understand about water currents,rains storms and the effects of the moon on the rhythm of the tides.
We know that God does not go out of his way to make life miserable for us but we also understand that these things which God created have powers beyond our own trivial abilities to stop them.
I think when they talk about fearing God it is not so much him we need to be afraid of but his awesome greatness.The things he has created which hold so many powers we human beings can not even begin to understand or master.
Water is one masterpiece that can be both lovely in its calmness and frightening in its vast turmoil.
We realize when things like this happen how small and insignificant we really are around the forces of nature.

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