Monday, April 25, 2011

A Walk

This morning seemed to start out as a rather dreary day.
Not much brightness in the world I must admit.
As I decided what was to be my day,the idea of taking a walk seemed very nice indeed.
I pulled out my Ipod,put on my head phones,started some of my John Michael Talbert music and as if by magic,the gloom of the morning slowly lifted being replaced by a bright internal sunshine.
The birds gently gliding in the sky seemed,like myself,to be in need of some wing space and their songs proved to the world around that beauty is in the eye,or ear of the beholder.
Life every where about me as if encircled by the lovely promise of spring.
Trees showing their buds and tiny purple flowers their blooms,all calling out for sunshine,unbeknown to them,their own floral loveliness was greeting my heart and soul with great radiance.
The raging river running through the nearby park,roared with mightiness as the very banks themselves tried,with all their might,to contain and keep in check,the forceful liquids escape,as if the hand of God was cupping the tirade,providing safety to all the nearby creatures scurrying to do their appointed daily chores.
Chipmunks and squirrels happy for the warm,yet misty weather ran back and forth between the rocks and up and down the near by trees.
With nature all around showing it self my walk seemed to take no time at all,giving me a chance to ponder a belief,I once heard.
In the old days it was said by religious communities that to breath in was to allow the spirit and goodness of God himself into you very being,while exhaling gave man an opportunity to dispel all his evil,corrupt worldliness.
Every breath inhaled was a chance to cleanse ones body,mind and soul by taking in the purity around him and the expelled breaths was a chance to rid ones self of ungodly,impure life thoughts and excesses.
Spring is in the air,God is in the air and you are able to see a new blooming in your self,even if its only by inhaling the world around you.
Christ is risen..indeed he has...and nature is his proof...

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