Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maria Talks

Are you a resident of the state of Massachusetts?
Do you have a teen aged daughter 18 years old or younger?
Do you know there is a web site in your state called "maria"?
Do you know what kind of a website this is?
How do you,has a parent,feel about a web site funded by your state telling girls 18 years or younger,how to get an abortion?
Insinuating you can by pass a judge and your parents and easily get the abortion you need by allowing them to send you to the proper web site?
Are you to afraid to tell your parents? we can help.
Are you to afraid to go before a judge? we can help.
This site tells teens it is set up to answer the questions you have about birth control and STDs,that they casually make it more comfortable for teens to get answers
and explain abortions as a simple,painless procedure which many girls have had done.
They lead girls to believe it is not life altering or dangerous in any way.
High Schools hang these posters up in the Nurse Offices because they,the school officials, believe that if it is endorsed by DPH (dept. of health) it is innocent and relevant.
Since the posters make no mention of abortion on them,the schools don't know the full extent of this web site.
The "Maria talks" site,funded by the state of Massachusetts,will lead you the questioner,to planned parenthood,which states in their defense they do not us tax payers money to fund abortions.
Now I don't know where you stand on abortion but I for one feel if someone is 18 years or younger their parents need to know what is going on,even those few parents who are irresponsible still have rights.
The abortion part is bad enough but why are we encouraging young people to avoid their mistakes?
Is it good to teach children that going behind your parents back is acceptable behavior,rather then facing the music.
We all make mistakes but you can't solve a problem by running away and hiding from it.
Children need to be taught honesty and how to face the issues at hand for the actions they did.
Two wrong do not make right.

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