Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Did You Know On The Day Of Atonement:

Did you know that: the curtain in the Temple,that ripped at Jesus death was 8 feet in thickness and took many,many men and horses to put into place.
During the Jewish day of atonement the priest would go behind the curtain,bath,dress in linen and attach a rope around his leg in case he died,he could be pulled out.
The first thing to be sacrificed on this day was a bull,which was scarified for the sins of the priest and the priesthood.
Next two goats would be brought in,the priest would draw lots to see which one would be sacrificed for the sins of the people and which would have the sins of the people placed on it by the prayers of the priest.
The second goat would then be released into the wilderness never to be touched or killed by any person in the community.
The goat that was released was called the scape goat.
The goat that was sacrificed would have his blood spread on the judgement seat,on the top of the arc of the convenient.
When Jesus was on the cross lots were drawn for his garments,he became the sacrificed lamb for our sins and the scape goat thus making him what the two goats represented on the day of atonement.

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