Saturday, April 2, 2011

Written On Monuments/Written On Lives

Some peoples names are written on monuments but yours could be written on peoples lives...The Salvation Army...

How do you want to be remembered?
Is it important to you to have your name written on a wall,monument,building maybe a church pew?
Is this how you wish to be in the minds of those who see what is written in print?
Some people with great wealth build great building to themselves.
libraries,hospitals,schools even churches.
All great and useful things but in the end who is this a monument to,you or God?
This week I read of the Tower Of Babel.
This is a story from the Old Testament which talks about the people who grew from Noah's lineage many years after the flood.
The members of this group believed that since they were alike they should build a great tower that would rise high in the sky with man made materials of brick and asphalt.
God and the rest of the Trinity,walked among the people and decided this was not good,so they caused all the people of Babel to have their language confused and sent them in different directions,forming the continents,in the end teaching them that true unity requires God presence.
We can erect great things to ourselves or we can work in unison with God on the lives of those we assist in times of want or need.
Back in the time of the Roman Empire, people who went to gladiator games inscribed their names into the marble seats they paid for,so all would know this belonged to them.
Now thousands of years later the seats still bear the names of the owners but no one has any idea who these people were,they are just Roman letters set on a marble seats,next to other empty seats.
I'll bet you can name me multiple people of action whose pictures no longer exist but whose deeds come to mind instantly when their names are mentioned.
Does it surprise you that a name is a name but an action speaks louder then words?
Why should these "no nothing do gooders" be remembered,while those with money and power are now just a group of letters left on marble.
God wants us to continue the work he started,we are his physical body and when we do good we rise above a mere physical monument to our selves.
We are inscribed into the life of another person and into their future generations.
If Mother Theresa had lived two hundred years ago she would still be remembered for the acts of kindness she did,granted we may not,in this country anyways,have heard of her,but all the people who lived in India where she brought her goodness,would have passed her name on to today's generation.
This is the inscription and the lineage God calls us to leave.
Names on a plaques are just that,simply names,meaning little to anyone.
Only letters too be forgotten at some point in the distant future.
If you wish to be remembered take the time to put your name on peoples lives and hearts then you will be unforgettable,maybe even for generations.

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