Monday, April 11, 2011

Mrs. Noah

In the Bible,the book of Genesis,tells the story of Noah,but did you ever wonder who his wife was? For whatever reason she,like many women in Genesis,are not mentioned by name.
This seems rather sad since she must have been a very special woman
Here we have Noah working day and night to build this ark that the Lord called him to construct for an up coming flood,which must have been difficult for him to comprehend since he had never even seen rain,let alone a boat.
Being ridiculed and scorned by friends and neighbors,while poor Mrs.Noah was not only standing by her man,but raising three sons,whose names by the way,did make the Bible,and running the day to day household operations so Noah could do God work.
Not only did she have to be strong before the flood,but just imagine what it was like living on a boat with all those animals and sons and their wives,talk about to many cooks in the kitchen,I hope patience was her virtue.
Living in this large enclosed floating zoo,the smell must have been horrible not to mention the amount of work it must have taken to clean and feed all those animals and family members alike.
To say Mrs.Noah did not have the strength of Atlas him self,both physically and mentally,would have been an understatement and a disservice to her.
This must have been a woman of great planning and ingenuity,not to mention a sense of humor.
I'm sure not many women could have put up with all that nonsense,before,during or after the flood the way she did.
I don't know what her name was but she should have gotten,at least, honorable mention just for being able to step off that boat,after all those days adrift,with out having a nervous break down.
How happy she must have been when after more then forty days,the gang plank went down and all those animals walked off the ark,headed for green pastures far,far away from her.
For once it must have been a pleasure to see their backsides.
The thought of spending some time alone,soaking in a hot tub,getting the animal smells off her, must have filled her emotions with gladness.
Here's to you Mrs. Noah you are a model of efficiency and don't feel bad that the boys got all the acclaim in the Bible,because we know who the real back bone of the crew was,you and the daughter in laws.
Maybe your name wasn't mentioned because one name would not have been enough to describe a woman with such fortitude and talents.

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