Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden/Holy Wars

Yesterday,while at work,the news came to me that Osama Bin Laden,was indeed deceased.
First off may I inject great work to the American Military Elite Forces,who understood and successfully carried out this most distasteful of missions.
With that said after several moments of adulation a form of sadness filled my heart.
First for all the people who suffered at the hands of this misled tyrant and so called religious militant and secondly for Bin Laden,who fooled not only his followers but also himself.
The death of anyone is a sad thing,more so for the innocent then the guilty,true,but sad none the less.
What drives a person to do such terrible acts to those around him and in foreign lands,is a question we will never understand,but his delusion,quite frankly,was nothing less then "sick".
Worse yet is the idle belief that such things are sanctioned by God.
Since God is love he can not endorse evil of any kind,no matter which side.
We are all his children and as such he does not encourage discord between us.
But because we humans are fallen in nature we try to use the name of God for approval of our negative and incorrect actions of wars and killings.
The third of the Ten Commandments,brought down from the mount,by Moses,to the people of God,which now includes us,states: "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain."
In our western mind we understand this to mean getting angry and saying God name while cursing or speaking profanity,what we in this country consider swearing.
But this third commandment has a deeper meaning,missed by us today,and that is do not bind,or tie in the name of God with an act unGod like,in order to make it seem honest or more righteous.
Since God is love,his name can not be linked to evil acts even if the doers feel they are justified.
The Crusaders of the 1200's,where told by Pope Urban that the war they needed to fight was to obtain the Holy Lands and bring Jerusalem back to the Christian world,he encouraged these followers to fight by telling them it was a noble act sanctioned by God himself.
This,unfortunately,proved to be untrue.
Those who fought to reclaim the Holy Lands,found out the hard way that as the atrocities mounted the good ideals of the first Crusaders waned and evil took over.
Don't get me wrong,not all wars are bad but all evil,selfish,self centered acts are.
Back in the times of the Old Testament to swear meant to make a vow to what could mean the ending of your very life.
To swear in the name of God,brought the Almighty's name onto an earthly level as if,in some way, God were equal with and sanctioning your earthly vow making it seem more justified and truthful.
During the time of Moses,God name was so sacred mere mortals were not even allowed to speak it and to swear by it was to show disrespect for such sacredness.
In the Epistle of James 5:12 he says:
But above all bretheren,do not swear,either by heaven or earth or with any other oath.But let your "yes" be "yes" and your "no," "no".less you fall into judgement.
What James is saying is swearing does not make what we say truthful nor our integrity better only God knows whats in a person heart and he is the judge of each of us.
No war is ever holy,though in the face of wickedness some seem more just then others.
Bin Laden had 10 years to make himself right with this country and turn himself in.
His war,like Pope Urbans,was neither holy nor sanctioned by the Almighty.
We all have free will.
If your hiding out and some one comes to arrest you,you can give in and be incarcerated or you can grab a gun and give up your life.
I do not feel good or bad that he is gone,because there are more deluded,evil people waiting in line to take his place,happy to swear by the name of God and kill more innocent people.
True the families of his victims can now feel some sense of justice and maybe even some closure but there will always be another Bin Laden and evil will always crop up because we are a fallen world.
Gandhi once said "evil never last",I think yesterday proved his point.

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