Monday, April 18, 2011

The Adjustment

Recently my husband and I went to see the movie "The Adjustment".
In the story a man who is very loved as a new up and coming politician meets a dancer with a future of her own.
Together they end up falling in love with each other.
But fate was late in stepping in to break them up and their future is now confused.
According to the story there is always "others" in another realm working for the "chief" whose job it is to push fate in and out of our lives to keep us going on a path which we are to follow.
And although free will is always there some gentle nudging in certain directions often occurs,helping us stay on a path.
The politician in this story gets to meet some of these adjusters and is made to understand why his fate is not to have a satisfying relationship with this girl,if neither feels this fulfillment of love they will both push themselves to be greater in their chosen fields and talents in order to fill the void.
He will become president and she a world renowned dancer.
Being Orthodox I am not allowed to believe in predestination,which by the way I never believed in anyways,but I must tell you I do believe in gentle nudges or pushes to help me keep in the right direction.
Did you ever stop to wonder why the things you think you want in life just don't seem to work out?
You miss an important meeting,your to late to sign up for a class you think you must take,you miss a train or plane and have to take a later one,you drop coffee on you good clothes,start off down the road and feel you have to go back to check on the iron you think you might have left plugged in,how about being stuck in traffic?
I can tell you there are days when I'm at work that I may be down one end of the hall and see something that is potentially bad for a patient on the opposite end and has I rush to get to the situation people walk in front of me,a laundry cart may be crossing my path and it seems to take forever for me to make it as if something is keeping from getting there as fast as I need to.
I believe we all have free will but with it we also have guidance,events happen in ways to stop us until we are ready for them to either happen or not happen.
I remember reading a book written by a man whose father was a Rabbi and his whole family were all very orthodox Jews.
He had decided he wanted very much to get married and since he had no luck in the town he was in he decided to move south for awhile and see if he could meet a nice Jewish woman there.
While in this town he began to question his orthodoxy and wondered what it would be like to be a Christian.
With no luck in sight of finding the wife he longed for,he moved back to his old neighborhood and within several months he met the woman of his dreams, who,by the way,had grown in a family with a father who was a baptist minister and she converted from Christianity to Orthodox Judaism.
Long story short he married her and she in turn helped him to spend one year trying to live a lifestyle of a Christian in order to understand what he thought he was missing by being raised a Jew.
Although he never became a Christian he did get a stronger understanding of his own faith and desire to remain a more practicing Jew.
So what does this all mean? Well God watches out for us,He cares for us and we have the angles and Holy Spirit helping us by gentle nudges,making us be better then we could be alone.
The adjuster,or guardians in our lives help try to keep us on the road and out of the ditch with gentle nudges and reminders.
God is ever present,we are ever guided and protected and although we have free will we also have boundaries.
There is more to our lives then just us and we are interdependent on the lives of each other.
Just because we don't see the big picture doesn't mean that there is no big picture.

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