Monday, April 18, 2011

What Is Value/What Is Worth?

This week is my vacation and with Holy Week at hand,I decided to sleep in til at least nine.
Well at 7:15am the phone rang,thinking it must be work asking me where I am? I ran downstairs to pick it up and tell them my well rehearsed answer of "Why are you calling me,its my day off and no thank you I do not want to come to work today."
But instead of being my place of employment,it was one of my husband's tenants calling to say that the apartment my son had been storing his things in had been broken into.
Vic and I went to the apartment to find,to our relief,that only some windows had been smashed by stones and nothing had been touched.
Has I drove back home I began to think of all the things that ran through my mind,upon receiving that early morning phone call.
The first and foremost was "is there anything valuable in the apartment that could have been taken and if so what could it have been?"
All that came to mind was an old TV that belonged to my parents.
OK safe enough.
Stopping at a local convince store to get a coffee,my thoughts filled with "But what is valuable anyways?"
To me there seems to be two types of valuable.
One is monetary,how much is an item worth? Its financial dollars and cents.
A TV or computer may have money value if its new but not so much if its older and if someone were to steal it would it be worth the effort to even remove it?
What about metal,coins,gold or copper do any items have or are made of these compounds,if stolen could they be melted down and a price be placed on them by the ounce or pound.
The next value seems to come from that of sentiment,not worth much in dollars but highly valued in the heart and mind,A part of your own personal being.
If stolen probably worth more to you then any TV or computer could ever be,irreplaceable to only you due to its sentiments.
Emotionally priceless.
What about the one willing to do the stealing,what would drive someone to take that which is not theirs?
Is this person,possibly an addict,in such bad need of drugs that even a few dollars could help pay for part of a gram or joint,something to get them through this day,hour or moment,a lost soul with an uncontrollable demon in his mind and nervous system.
How much desperation would a person have to be in to steal from another and possibly get caught and imprisoned for their action?
Like selling you freedom.
Could this person be some one who enjoys the excitement of stealing,are they lazy and stealing is easier then holding down a job or how about something done out of a dare,possibly an act of desperation to pay a gambling debt,buy food,or stay in their domicile?
In our situation only a few broken windows,probably school children trying to liven up an other wise dull walk to school.
Much to think about for this Holy Week,A time when Jesus himself faced being robed of his life by people in desperate situations of greed,lust and hatred.
Several where afraid they'd lose their powerful religious positions,one feared loss of an newly acquired,influential governmental post and one just needed some coins of value for the price of a life,which had not lived up to the expectations of a follower and close friend.
You know there is always two sides to every theft that of the victim and that of the perpetrator.
It doesn't make things right or wrong,never clear in ones mind,especially in times of seemed desperation,but each side having its own sense of value and worth,that can be gained or lost in money or power.
Always there are those who have lost and those who have gained.
But in the end a price to be paid and the cost tremendous to everyone involved,both for the innocent and the guilty alike.

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