Friday, April 22, 2011

Today He Hung On The Cross

Today is Good Friday,the day Jesus willingly went to the cross to save us from death.
Today Jesus,the great King of all,allowed himself to be humiliated,abused and killed in a most horrible fashion for our sake,unworthy though we may be.
Today the almighty,raised up like Moses staff,was suspended between the heavens and the earth hovering has the Holy Spirit did,above the waters on that great day of creation.
With his arms outstretched encompassing all his creation,in his loving embrace even has his very mortal life slipped away from him,one moment at a time.
How unworthy and ungrateful are we,as this new Adam took on our wrongs and was crucified between two thieves,but even in his agony repeatedly asking his father forgiveness for us because of our ignorance.
How do we thank someone for giving up his life,for the undeserving,who even today say "there is no God".
A creator who loved his creation so much that even his last agonizing breath was not enough,if he could have given more he freely would have.
Today is a day to be grateful,because of his love we need never fear the agony of the tomb,he waits for us with this arms ever opened to come home to him.
All he ask from us in return is love and forgiveness.

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