Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fallen Nature

During Holy Week,we are made to center on our short falls and how we,by design,never seem to get it right.
It doesn't seem to matter if we're apostles,harlots,friends or religious leaders we all seem to be in the same hole as far as these first three days of Mantins go.
We are introduced to tricky Pharisees who try to catch Jesus in his own words,Ten Virgins,5 of whom don't have enough oil or vigilance,Judas,a follower, who plans the sale of Jesus life and the sinful woman who washes Jesus feet with her tears then dries them with her hair.
What do all these people have in common?
Everyone made a choice some chose forgiveness and repentance and others did not.
We are all fallen by nature and to finger point and make little of another person is not only wrong,its human.
The importance of having Jesus in our lives is the understanding that he loves and forgives us if we just ask.
We are always ignorant to our selves and others,in a need of feeling important or superior,always choosing to belittle another for their short falls.
When the harlot came into the house of the Pharisee she was shown as truly repentant,even to the point of not caring what those around thought.
Her head was uncovered,the sign in the Jewish world that she was probably a prostitute and far from pure.
A woman,entering a mans house alone,unheard of in her day and taking the position of sitting on the floor,washing a man,who was not your husband,feet with not water but her tears,then drying them with her hair,not in a sexual or provocative way but in a repent loving fashion.
For the gratitude of Jesus forgiveness,she fearlessly walked into a Religious Leaders house,where all could mock and berate her,to give this man,this son of God the greatest amount of gratitude she could think of,her simple,loving, caring service.
She who at that moment was the least in the eyes of the great men around her became the greatest in the eyes of Jesus.
We,all human by nature,are all fallen,easily tempted and just about always ready to follow our physical wants and desires,not our spiritual ones.
The 5 wise virgins,with their filled lamps teach us that our spirituality,as long as we are alive,is always a work in progress.We can never say we are good enough or holy enough because if we do we have just sinned by pride,just as the Pharisee did.
Everyday is a spiritual battle,just when you think you've won you turn around and do or say something stupid.
The only perfect person who walked this earth died,rose and ascended over two thousand years ago.
God does not expect us to be perfect and we were not created to be so,but we were made to do the hardest thing of all and that is to ask for forgiveness and truly mean it.
I often wonder what would have happened to Judas if instead of hanging him self he would have stayed around.
I know if he truly was sorry for what he did he would have been forgiven and maybe even remembered has a great saint.
Easy for me to say because I know the rest of the story,but poor Judas did not.
I guess that's where faith comes in.

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