Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Greetings

Today was my day to grocery shop and after spending three days at work it was a chore I wished I could just forget about.
At 11 am I Finlay convinced my self the deed needed to be done so off to the bank then to the grocery store I did go.
The crowd there was small and much to my delight,the shopping done quickly.
As I stood in line the cashier pushed my articles through her scanner.While watching her ring up my goods,an old term,I noticed she did not get my turkey price to come up.I mentioned to her that this price did not show up and to her surprise she said "your right,thank you".Now don't get me wrong I'm all for saving $13.00 but not at the expense of this woman who seemed like it had been a long morning for her.
As we finished she told me to "have a good day" to which I answered "you not only have a good day but a nice Easter as well".
She said in a soft voice "I never know if I should say that,some people get offended." I laughed and said "well you have to offend somebody at some point in your life".She looked at me seriously and said "not at work,I can't."
Last November I decided to wish the clerks and sales people Merry Christmas.I would no longer wait for them to say it to me.If I was to be pro active in this minority non christian country it would require me to step up to the plate and say it first.
Now that Easter is upon us my topic of greeting needs to be to wish those I encounter a Happy Easter,if I offend you...Sorry...
Part of being a Christian is understanding you are different from the world.If you want people to respect your faith then you also need to respect it and not hide it under a bushel basket.
Back in the early days of the Christian movement people used the sign of the cross to greet and acknowledge they were brothers and sisters of the faith.These people understood if they were caught by the pagan world around them they could be jailed,tortured and executed.
But they did it anyways.
Today we have the right to be a practicing follower of Jesus Christ and to not want the people around us to know this is an embarrassment to our faith.
Most of us would not choose to die for our faith but in the same respect we should not feel afraid to acknowledge our faith.
Don't be afraid to tell people Happy Easter and be proud of the fact that Christ over came death for your sins.
Easter is the glorious morning of resurrection.What are you willing to resurrect in your life...maybe the words Happy Easter is a good place to start...

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