Monday, March 8, 2010


With Lent here one of the important parts is not just about fasting its about alms giving.
Now I don't know about you but I am the type of person if I have something and someone is in need then I feel its my duty to give.I try not to think of the value,because most things people ask for are not worth that much,so If I can't give all I try to at least give some.
I like to give to groups were the money will go exactly where it's ear marked.Things like Doctors With Out Boarders and personal appeals tend to catch my eye.
Several days ago Fr.Peter Preble had an appeal to a small monastery in New Mexico whose head priest in sick and whose electricity may be shut off because they are unable to pay the bill,haven't we all been there at some point in our lives?So giving to this group seemed very possible especially when I found out the name of the monastery is called the Arch Angel Michael,How could some one who attends a church called St.Michael turn their back on another of such a name.
This small monastery is located in Canones, New Mexico and candle making is their business,which you can not do very well with no electricity.
Even a small donation sent in love is worth so much in the eyes of God and to help a monetary is worth,I'm sure even more.
If your interested in this opportunity to assist this small house of God please go to and you can read fr.'s blog called "Help for Monastery in Canones,New Mexico"

If your interested in donating the mailing address is:

The Monastery of The Arch Angel Micheal 38
Canones,New Mexico 87516-0038

Thanks for what every you send

This is my kind of appeal some one who is in real need of assistance and not just out to pay overhead.
You know donating to a monastery will bring you lots of prayers and let me tell you who couldn't use those.So give even a little for great will be your reward.
Have a wonderful Lent and do a heart felt deed.

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