Wednesday, March 3, 2010

16 And Pregnant

One of my friends ,whose daughter is 16,is due to have her baby any day now.
Last week while flipping through the channels on T.V.I came across a show on either vh1 or MTV called 16 teen and pregnant.
It's a reality show which picks a 16 year old girl who is pregnant.It starts with her explaining how she told her parents then follows her through with giving birth and concludes when the baby is several months old.
This is a really great show and should be mandatory viewing in every school starting with kids as young as age 14.Its eye opening and these girls are very honest and straight forward.They discuss and show how they have to deal with not only their teenage problems but now baby and boyfriend issues as well.
The best part is when most of these girls find out how much their boyfriends are not there for them,many are irresponsible and immature,compared to what these girls have had to become.
When I was in nursing school one of my instructors used to say "If your not going to take birth control seriously then you'd better decide if every time you sleep with someone if this is the person you want to bring your future child to visit on the weekends."
Young girls have this illusion that having a baby will cement their relationship with the boy they love.They don't get the fact that this 16 or 17 year old male is not interested in having a baby or helping to raise one,he's more interested in cars,friends and having a good time.He wants to start his life not feel like he's trapped.
So if any one has a teenage girl,or boy,have them sit down with you and watch this show.I know my friend told me she and her daughter have just started watching this program several weeks ago and her daughter said "I wished I'd seen this before I got pregnant because maybe I would have waited.""I didn't realize being pregnant would be so hard."


Laura said...

If young girls find being pregnant is tough, then they probably have no clue about the rest of their lives because, like diamonds, babies are forever. There is no turning back on this one. Pray for lots of help.

linda said...

amen sister...