Monday, March 29, 2010

Cleaning With Humility

When St. Francis of Assisi traveled from church to church he carried a broom with him.AS he entered the building he would physically sweep the floors and clean the house of God.Unlike our own 21st century,things were none to clean in the 1200's.
The next thing he would do would be take the Eucharist,which was tucked away in some obscure place and put it in a place of honor for all to see and be reminded of Jesus great sacrifice to each of us.
Francis believed that all churches needed to be special places of God deserving of his presence.It didn't matter if the priest or the hierarchy at the time were corrupt,he felt that churches should be clean.
Confucius said that the best way to convert those above you to humility and service is by humbly serving them.
Both Francis and Confucius believed that all things can be changed from the bottom to the top rather then the other way around.If the individual can convert the leader then the leader can convert an entire civilization.
In this country,however many of us believe just the opposite that the well educated people in high positions change the world but this is not true its the soldiers who win the battles not the generals.
The church is set up to confer the word and inspire the people in the pews to go out and assist those around them.We are the worker bees of the hive,bringing forth love and evangelism to those around us.
The root of a plant gives strength to the leaves if the root is weak and sickly so to will be the leaves.
Many churches have with stood bad preachers,bad choirs and even bad hierarchies but if the faith of the people is strong then so too is the plant.A few sickly leaves do not usually kill a plant but a sick root system does.
Humility requires us to be gentle and loving in our criticisms.We are to be the servant who by example sweeps the church and washes the pews.We are to bring our love and caring into the church and do the servitude work not because we have to but because we want to.
A clean church is a symbol of a clean faith.If people take enough simple pride in the small things then the big things take care of them selves.
We as members of our church need to give with love and assist with all matters no matter how small or unimportant they may seem to us at the time.
We are not all called to do the great things but we are required to do the simple things.In this way we are able to support those who are called to be the shining star.

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