Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Representattion ?

This weekend has been very loud with Washington pushing their weight around and the people pushing back.
My supposed serene Saturday and Sunday was invaded by frustration and fear all 48 waking hours of it,and let me tell you today is a good day to shut the idiot box off for awhile and realize there is more to life then just controversy and discord.
We are a free people no matter what rights are given to us by our government, freedom is God given,not man given.
This whole weekend as proven to most people just how precious our way of life truly is.We have not had to worry about tyranny since we won the Revolution with England.
We now know we need to be ever watchful and on guard of who we are has a people and what has made us great.
The amount of pettiness shown by our elected leaders is truly wrong.We the people run this country and when threatened we need to act.
Last Monday my husband sent an email to our representative "Joe Courtney" to voice his opinion.To which yesterday morning Joe replied with a faxed form copy of a letter. which was,to say the least, distorted and over sized causing the margins to be missing,making for some interesting reading,if you like word games.
Now I don't know about you but come April 15th my family and I will be at the Norwich tea party. In the fall we will be assisting who ever is running against Rep.Courtney(and I use the term representative loosely) to try to assist this new person into office.
It's time for new blood in the House of Representatives.
The Democrats know what is coming down the line for them and now is their chance to push through as much legislation as possible because come next year they may not be the majority any more.
To our representative,who I tried to email to for an entire week with no success,let me tell you: Joe its a good thing you passed free health care because your going to need it.Come January I will personally send you a copy of the constitution for your reading pleasure while you are gainfully looking for employment.Also good luck with the job hunting cause there is not much to be had in the Constitution State but I'm sure you've got union friends who can help you out.
Tell me Joe was it worth selling your country down the river to save the Presidents' legacy?

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