Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Now not being Irish I do not know much about this Saint except that he was originally from the Britain's,came from a wealthy family who were religious and was kidnapped as a youth,forced to tend sheep in the mountains of Ireland.
His owners did not treat him well and although he was forced to keep animals,starved and weathered he turned to God for his support.
Many was the time when he could say up to one hundred prayers a day.After eight years he escaped came back to his home land and became a priest.
The call of Ireland deep in his soul he decided to go back and bring the faith to a mostly pagan society.
St.Patrick was so successful in his work that by his death he converted most of the country over to God and away from paganism.He taught about the trinity with the use of the three leafed clover and is claimed to have driven the snakes out of Ireland although I tend to think that the snake was probably the devil since many people at that time tended to view Satan in that form.
St. Patrick went on to become a Bishop and was greatly loved by the Irish people,he used their views of paganism to help establish his views of Religion.
Upon St. Patrick breast plate was a rather long prayer but the part I like best about this prayer is as follows:

Christ be with me;
Christ with in me;
Christ behind me;
Christ before me;
Christ beside me;
Christ to win me;
Christ to comfort and restore me;
Christ beneath me;
Christ above me;
Christ in quiet;
Christ in danger;
Christ in the hearts of all that love me;
Christ in the mouths of friends and strangers.

Happy St. Patrick day to everyone including all of us non Irish descended people.
Erin go Borough

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