Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joe Biden

In the past year I have come to appreciate the Vice President,Joe Biden, more and more and although most people think him the fool I think he's comic relief for an overly serious White House.
Although there really is nothing I have in common with any of the Democrats in office at this time. I must say I can truly understand Joe's slips since I too have a problem with putting my foot into my own mouth on a great number of occasions.
The fact that he does not even seem to know or understand that what he's just said has ramifications endears him to my heart even more.
It's good not to always be the straight laced,guard your mouth kind of person.If you think something is a "Big F.....g deal " then go right ahead and say it but watch out where they have set up the mike while your uttering it.
I can remember one day watching a news commentator who said if you want the truth about whats going on in the White House just listen to what the Vice President has to say because he will cut through the lies and deceit and give you the real message,kind of like the court jester.
I don't think this is a malicious man and he certainly doesn't seem out to want to gain any great advancement unless they drop in his lap.He seems happy enough to be on his present ride and open to future prospects as they occur.
I look forward,with great anticipation, to his future comic slips to keep me amused as I ride this long somber Democratic funeral procession into the new fall elections.
Joe all I can say for my part,from one November born baby to another,is keep up the good work.. your a hoot...and I for one appreciate all you have done to bring a smile to my face through out this burdensome administration.

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