Thursday, March 25, 2010


Seems since this whole health care package as been forced onto people some of the unstable in this country are now choosing violence to get their point across.
This weekend when the protesters of the Tea Party where shouting at the democratic house members some took the time to shout racist and gay slurs against several of them.It was even said that someone in the crowd tried to spit at one of the African American representatives.
First I would like to say violence is never the answer.Protest if you can and make your views known but never allow violence into the mix or you will lose all credibility.
Second no one knows if the people who used said slurs were really with the Tea Party group,they could have been plants to discredit those protesting,it has been done before by seiu.
I am a true believer in Gandhi and Martin Luther King style protest.Peace will always help your cause and keep you on the high road of any dispute.Self control should always be ones weapon of choice.
Its said that since the dawn of time we have two modes of action when we feel attacked.The first is fight and the second is flight.But in all reality we have a third called peaceful controlled protest.
This third action requires that we use our brains to solve problems and not our emotions.This action is much more difficult to maintain because our first reaction can be neither fight nor flight.
This peaceful protest as we learned from Jesus himself requires you to be treated badly but remain in control of you words and actions.
We live in an "all about me" society and as such feel any form of violence that makes us feel better is self justified but it is not.This is immature behavior displayed by children based on emotions not to be used by rational adults.
We must always remember that we need to love our enemies and do good to them even in times of dispute.Its alright to disagree,protest,picket,lay down,sit down or stand up for your principles but it is never alright to cast the first stone because we are not with out sin ourselves.
So stand up for you beliefs.Write letters,gather in groups,protest with signs and chants but never allow the other side to push you toward violence.Turn the other cheek and when they slap you they will be viewed badly not you.

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