Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mowing The Grass

This morning I woke up to something quite odd.It was big,yellow shiny and up in the sky,I think its called the sun,its been so long I can't remember.
With great joy and no sign of rain I decided its time to mow my grass,after all it has been about three weeks since we last mowed and I fear if our dog (Christy)gets loose and wanders in the back yard we may never find her again.
To say I have missed the sun is a great understatement.Every day rain,rain and more rain only glimpses of dryness for three weeks.I was beginning to understand how Noah felt and the thought of buying a house boat was starting to peak my interest.
So with great optimism I took the mower out of the garage,carefully filled it with gas then pulled the cord.Once,twice,three times and vaaroom.
The sun was warm and the breeze on my face felt cool and as I pushed the lawn mower I thought how beautiful a day today is,it was worth the wait.
As I made my second pass,to my horror,I realized I ran over a small,black snake.Though no reptile lover,I did feel sorry for the poor thing after all we are all Gods creatures and running something over with a lawn mower is sad but being more like a hit and run then premeditated murder,I forgave my self for this horrible accident and pressed on.
Soon the bagger wasn't working,seems all the grass was just packing up under the mower and dropping big globs of wet grass all over the place.Then the motor decided to call it quits causing me to have to lift the front end up clean out the wet grass from between the blades and start over again.
Not one to be a quitter I was now determined to finish the whole 1/4 acre estate before the afternoon ended,since more rain was in our future.The sun now beat down like an unrelenting flame and the breeze lost its wonderful pleasant coolness.Running indoors repeatedly to get cool drinks of water this pleasant mowing task was now taking on the appeal of slave labor.
My son decided to come out and rake while I mowed and together we finished all but a small section on the front lawn that needs to be weed wacked.
Feeling pride swell up in our hearts at a task well done we decided to go to Friendlies for lunch and ice cream.
We arrived at 2 o'clock in the afternoon to find the restaurant completely filled with young people and children making loud noises causing me to go into migraine headache mode.After placing our order I went to CVS to buy Excedrin and hope for some relief.But alas none was to come.The service was slow and the restaurant
noisy causing my head to throb even harder.
Returning home I laid on the bed to sleep for about an hour,between the headache and heat exhaustion I was in bad need.
Upon arising I felt so much better and watched the birds as they picked through the grass looking for their treats of dead bugs and hopefully dead snake carcass.
In spite of it all it did turn out to be a lovely day and even an adventure and in another week,if it ever stops raining I will once again pull out the lawn mower but this time I think I'll take Christy out and let her run through the back yard just in case there's another snake....yuk....gross...Oh God how I hate snakes...

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