Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Last night I caught a short,interview with two guys who wrote a book called "The perfect or almost perfect marriage".Although the interview was short these men brought up some very interesting subjects.
First they said they do not like it when their wives say they are their friends.They said they have lots of friends,whom they don't kiss,and they want a wife not a friend.
I think this comes because men and women have different ideas of what a friend is.Men consider a friend to be a person to pal around with not some you have a close person relationship with,some one you confide in.Actually when a women says her husband is her best friend she sees this as the person she feels most near to,confides in and loves dearly.this to a woman is a very great compliment.
Second they said young men today do not know how to date, they call it hanging out not going out on a date.
This I must agree with for better or worse young men do not understand the pursuit of a relationship.Going after and gaining the love and trust of a woman.They see young women as another pal and not as something special.They have never been taught that to date someone is to treat them as something special taking time to get to know them deciding if this person is worth their wild to be with.
Unfortunately this is the problem of not only young men but young women.None of them understand they are a jewel not be given to just anyone but to someone special.In the Victorian era women understood these things and did not even kiss a man unless they though this was someone special,of course they had their own issues.
Third they talked about picking your fights.The interviewer said his wife has lots and lots of shoes and it makes him crazy.One of the authors said "why do you want to fight about shoes she feels it makes her look good and is more attractive to you?" so pick you fights.
This is true most women want to look good for their spouses they wear clothes,make up,jewelry not because they want to be attractive to other men but because they want their husbands to feel attracted to them.If other men admire them then so much the better because they can't have her but her husband can.
It always strikes me funny when husbands do not want their wives dressing well because they are insecure that other men will find then beautiful.Well why did you date her if you did not think she was eye catching,she caught your eye didn't she.

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