Saturday, June 27, 2009

God Works in Odd Ways

Thursday night when I got home from our churches free community meal,I decided to sit down and look at my emails.Just before I was able to pull up my mail the phone rang.Vic picked it up and said it was for me,giving me that "it must be a teller marketer look."I hesitantly took the phone and said hello.
On the other end I heard "Hello Linda its Sr. Elaine."I was stunned you see Sr. Elaine was a novice when I was in grammar school and she and my Aunt Sr. Yvette belonged to the same order.when she went on retreats if she ran into my Aunt she would tell me she said hello.
Last year I was on the hunt to find her because I had the need to know she was alright.I spent many months looking for her and when I finally found her addresss I sent her a letter asking her if she was well and telling her that I thought my Aunt had passed away last Jan.She sent me an email replying to my letter.
Now it seems she was calling me to tell me that my aunt had not passed away in Jan.but Thursday night and the nursing home could not find any family members.Sr.Elain said she was on a retreat when she found out my Aunt was not doing well and she went to see to her.After she passed away one of the sisters said "we have been trying to reach family members for 2 weeks and can not find any.I guess she has none" to which Sr.Elaine said "oh yes she does and I know how to contact her."
Imagine my surprise here we all thought she was gone and how guilty we felt that we were unable to attend her funeral.
This morning we drove to Manchester N.H. to attend her funeral although we got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour,due to road work,and the bridge by the nursing home road was closed.We ended up being 15 minutes late,but made it and were treated very kindly by all the sisters. When I relayed my story about how I found Sr.Elaine and how she found me every one was amazed and said God works in mysterious ways and you must admit he certainly does.Let me tell you He also has an odd sense of humor.
Thursday night, Sr.Elaine also told me that when I was concerned about her being alright this was the time she was spending 5 weeks in rehab,seems she fell down some stairs and broke her leg.hows that for eerie


Walt Trachim said...

You were in my neighborhood today! Wish I'd known. Unfortunately, I'm working in Boston as I write this... :(

linda said...

wish I'd thought of telling time

Laura said...

All things work acccording to God's plan and purpose. It didn't just happen out of thin air. It is a great mystery. It is funny how we can connect up with those we love.