Monday, June 1, 2009


Yesterday while watching the news it came to my attention that Dr.Tiller was murdered while in his church.Nice place to kill someone, how christian.
Back in the 80's I decided that abortion was a subject I would not support.I have seen to many zealots, who out of what they thought was religious mercy, taking to violence and killing nurses,doctors and Secretaries in abortion clinics because they felt they were the chosen one.
How far away from God must you be if you as a christian feel you have the right to murder another human being and justify it.I think Jesus must weep when these things happen.
We as Christians are suppose to understand that we are above this sort of thing.God says vengeance is mine not vengeance is yours.We are told we are not of this world we are heaven bound and as such evil is what we face while we live here on an evil planet.
With that said if abortion upsets, or doesn't upset you,then go out and protest but do no harm.We are to believe in non violence.Just as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr did.more is gotten from peace then violence.Gandhi said "Evil never survives,in the end it always passes away, always".

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