Friday, July 3, 2009

the 4th of july

Tomorrow is the fourth of July and I'll bet many people do not know that the first fire works display for this day of Independence was held in Worcester Mass. in the late 1700's.
Did you know that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson,two signers of the declaration,both died on July 4th only hours after each other and the Declaration was really signed on July 3rd,John Adams was upset for the rest of his life that Independence Day was celebrated on the 4th instead of the 3rd.
Adams felt that on Independence day fireworks,canons and bells should ring out with parades because our Independence was such a wondrous thing to behold.
So what are you doing this 4th to celebrate the greatest country in the world.Vic and I may be spending the day in Boston,we like to sit by the Charles and watch the sail boats go by.Boring? yes but what better place to be then Boston on the 4th.
And although I'm working Sunday,we are going to the Putnam fire works,they are free and quite the sight to see.
I know that these past several years have been a real strain on people.No jobs,high prices and just despair.But believe it or not we've been through worse The great depression, the civil war, world war 1 and 2.We've been through good administrations and bad,good presidents and not so good.
America is the home of the brave the land of the free and don't kid your self many people would give every thing they own just to be an American citizen.
We are a melting pot with diverse opinions and ideas and the most generous people in the world always willing to help those in need.
This weekend have fun,go to a parade,see fireworks,have a bar-b-cue and remember the people who fought for us to have the rights we do and thank them for the blood they shed to make us free.

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