Thursday, June 18, 2009

FR.Peter Radio Program

This morning when I finally awake enough I turned on my radio to hear our own Fr.Peter talking about the weather and the rain they were having in Southbridge.Here it was not so wet but overcast.
I don't usually get to listen to Fr's radio program on a daily basis but do try to make a point on my days off to at least catch a few minutes of it before I run off to start my errands.
There is something very nice hearing a familiar voice in the morning and catching up on the latest news around not only the different towns in our area but our world at large.
Lately I have been getting pretty fed up listening to the T.V. news it all seems depressing and messy.Everything seems biased your either with the President or your against the President.The world for a time is going crazy.That's why I enjoy listening to Fr.It makes me see that there is more out there like the Thompson Speedway or the Strawberry Festival in Dudley.
All the fun things in daily life that we take for granted but that are what America is really about the pursuit of happiness in our daily lives.
Its nice to start the day with a funny story, local news and town events it reminds us that although this is a large confusing world we still have our local values and neighborhoods and we get connected to it all by things like Fr.Peter radio program.
If you live around the area or are just driving through Fr.Peter can be found on Weso AM 970 South bridge.Every morning until 9AM and on Thursday at noon time.So take the to get refreshed and hear what the locals are doing because this is the real world for us small town people and it makes for a good start to the day.

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