Friday, June 12, 2009

Conn.And The Catholic Churches

Well once again I spent my evening emailing my good Gov.Rell about my protest of their trying to call the Bishop of Conn. a lobbyist because he rented buses and spent more then $2000.helping people from his local churches to get out and protest against several Rep. who wanted to take some financial power away from the church and give it to the parishioners.
Since the state did not win they have decided different tactics are needed to put their thumb on and punish the catholic church for standing up for their rights to freedom of speech and religion.
It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid these elected officials can be.Who are these people who think they can strike fear into the hearts of the common person.
My state has many problems like companies leaving the state with jobs,large deficits,crime and on and on they do not need to waste money on foolish law suites which this state knows it will lose,not to mention the bad publicity it gives us.We seem intolerant and inflexible.
I have lived in this state all my life and can tell you we consider our selves the quite corner.We are the state that after the revolution,came up with the Connecticut compromise,We are the constitution state.But now we are turning into an embarrassment.
Take the time to go to and read his blog spot on this issue then take the time to send an email to gov.rell to voice your disapproval.If it can happen in my state it can happen in yours,nip this in the bud now or pay the consequences in the future.

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