Monday, June 29, 2009

Whats in a name?

While listening to t.v. tonight they were talking about Michael Jackson's kids and where they will be going to live.Michael's' third child's name is "blanket".Now there's a name you can live with.I told my husband maybe this child should use the name Blank-ett,which would work nicely if its a girl.
Where do these people get these names,just because your rich or a star doesn't mean you should give your kids name like Apple,Rocky or Blanket.These kids have to live with these names and cute as they may be when some one is 2 years old it loses
something when your 32.If you need to call your kid something like this then save it for a nick name.
I once heard someone say if you want to give your child an odd name then several weeks before your child's born introduce your self using this name,see how people react and realize this is the reaction your child will receive for the rest of their lives.
Names are important it can even be socially stigmatizing,it can mean the difference between being hired for a good or bad job.Employers like people with normal names.Yes your child is unique to you both special and precious but in the job world you need to fit in cute names like "star" or "candy" are not helpful in being taken seriously,no matter how you spell it.
I knew some one who had a child on Christmas day she wanted to call her new daughter "snow" her grand mother stepped in and urged her not to do it she gave in and they named her "Noel" which I must admit was much prettier and very acceptable,unfortunately when her brother had a child he named his daughter "Diamond" well to each his own I guess.

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