Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Wedding

This weekend we attended our nephew Peters' wedding in Cleveland.It was held in a very new, very white,very sterile Catholic Church.
The priest spent very little time in front of the couple and let them do must of the ceremony alone in front of the guest and photographer,I guess they needed those good wedding shots.
The rings were blessed in a bowl handed to the couple then the priest walked over to the side so they could exchange rings and vows alone.
At the end of the service the priest instructed every one that the receiving line would be held at the hall and not in the church.
All so modern and so very unreligious in feeling.
After the service I told my husband I was so happy we married in the Orthodox Church.So rich in formality and yes even tradition.
If it were not for the fact we were in a church I would have though these two people were being married by a justice of the peace not a priest.
There are times when services need to be formal and rich I believe weddings and funerals all need to be full of Gods' nearness.
What is more important in a persons life then being married? If the church takes the service lightly then how do they expect a young couple to take their vows seriously when times get tough.Marriage is an important step and as such should be treated with the seriousness due at the moment of professing your love to each other.
I guess every one is entitled to have their marriage done any way they want to and what makes me happy does not make everyone happy but I can now understand why people don't feel a real need to attend and raise their children with religious values or stay in marriages.


Laura said...

I hope you enjoyed the wedding outside of that, Linda. Every church wedding that I have attended lately has done something just a little different. Roman Catholics face each other and declare their vows to each other. They place the rings on each other. As I recall the priest placed the rings on our hands after blessing and kissing them. That was on the right hand, another topic. It was clear that we were being joined by the church in a marriage blessing. One that goes far beyond our understanding. And with God's help one that can endure because it is something we can believe in. Not what we can do, but what God has ordained. A very serious matter and difference. Your point is well received. Let the state marry people and they can have their show. But let God unite them through the sacrament in the church. (The marriage blessing).A hugh difference in my opinion.

linda said...

Guess i'm old fashioned.the reception,food and music was great.they are realy into polks out there and are very good at them.linda