Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Sofa

Sunday after church when we got home I sat on our very aged sofa and told my husband "I think its time to buy a new sofa?" to which he relied, as he was pushing the stuffing back into the ripped pillow cover "I think you right", causing me to almost pass out with joy.
Now with the decision to buy a new sofa settled comes the next question "Where do we go to buy one?" In our immediate area there is no longer any places to buy furniture.Due to the economy both stores in Putnam and Webster,have shut their doors.
So with no other choice off we went to the big city of Worcester to start our hunt.
You may think that shopping with my husband is a simple act but he and I are very different shoppers,he tends to check and recheck ask and re ask questions and decide and re decide, while my theory is if you like it and it fits buy it.I'm not the kind of person who needs to go to 12 different stores to be frustrated.Don't get me wrong he does have the right idea,you should never just jump into something you may regret later but I only have so many years left to my life and I don't want to waste them in a furniture store.
Every place we went to had at least one couch we could live with but Vic has a bad back so "firm" is the word and that works for me because I hate sitting on those over stuffed sofas that swallow you up and have no support.
After three stores we ended up in Natuck at Jordan's furniture store.This is not just a store this has an Imax movie theatre,ice cream shop,restaurant and cafe.I must admit this is my idea of shopping.
In less then 10 minutes we found what we wanted in our price range then spent another 20 minutes picking out the fabric,this is the part where I got to bore my husband checking and rechecking fabric swatches and trying to decided which one would be easiest to keep clean,since our yellow lab refuses to stop shedding. In the end it all worked out for the best,Thank God because between you and me I don't think I could have sat on or tried out one more sofa,my back had had it.
So what did I learn here? I learned that even though Vic and I have different shopping styles,we make a good team,its just a matter of getting on the same tracks then its full steam ahead.


Laura said...

As per usual, Linda, you made me laugh so hard, I almost fell off my chair. My husband describes Vic to a T. He is the shopper in the house. Problem is that the last couch we picked out for our downstairs ended up upstairs as it wouldn't have even fit. Got to hand it to him though, quality, price, endurance and comfort were all there. We didn't settle and we both liked the choice. Maybe too much because we are not going to replace it anytime soon. If your wondering if that was the only time we bought an item that didn't fit in the alloted space. No, it was the second, the first was a refrigerator which caused us to redo our layout, moving cabinets in the kitchen. I hate shopping, it always looks different in the furniture store and its so hard to decide. Luckily all turned out well. Enjoy your new couch.

linda said...

It will be coming in in 6 weeks,it will be a long 6 weeks.Funny how a store can make things look so small.its like buying a christmas tree.it looks so small until you try to fit it into the parlor.