Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

I have finally had the time to sit and listen to some of the things about Michael Jackson.His talent was only exceeded by his odd behavior and sad lifestyle.
When I think of this man I remember how talented he was even as a child,a fabulous singer and dancer a gentle a quite man who was in such need of love that he reached out and embraced people who tried to suck the life out of him.
His abusive father,unloving mother,lack of a childhood and need to please all around him.
Some where along the line his gifts and talents became lost in a lifestyle of pain and drug abuse.
I remember him at his best with his brothers dancing and singing and his thriller years.Top in his form and able to make clear rational decisions.
He seemed to always have a sad air about him looking beyond his family members at something that the rest of us were unable to see then instantly smiling when a camera flashed his way as if on cue
This is a person who deserves to rest in peace because all his talent and money in the end never brought him the happiness he needed a sad and lonely figure with a ghoulish face that looked like something out of batman and the dark knight.
I guess in the end a person with so much talent can never live all their life in one life time.So many dimensions and so few ways to truly express them all. This was a talent whose light faded away to soon.No matter how you look at it 50 is way to young to die for any one super star or not.

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