Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Church Decisions

What is unity? Today while reading acts I came across the part where Paul was questioning the appropriateness of circumcision for the Gentiles wanting to enter the church.At that time this was a very important issue that needed to be questioned and resolved.
It seems religion is always trying to resolve questions of what is man made and what is God's made.
The early church wrestled with issues like will only Jews be allowed in this religion and if the religion is opened to everyone do the Jewish dietary laws still apply if so does everyone sit at one table or do we separate the Jews from the Gentiles.
Questions like these may now seem unimportant to us now days because they have been resolved and seem very distant and silly to us,but these things,if not resolved,can make or break a religion.
Do we stay with what has always been and if we move forward how much do we move and stay in the light of Jesus teachings.What is man made what is God made?
Church's that are Aposolistic have Bishops and Arch Bishops who we hope know whats going on and try to help us navigate this slim line.But you know even they get confused with who we has an Orthodox church are and where the lines get drawn.
Some times personal power gets in the way of what may have little to do with religion and God.
The church always faces issues like science,medicine,ethnicity,language,governments and on and on.Sometimes issues move faster then the church can keep up with and instead of making a decision they stand back and wait,hoping it will fade away.
The church is the leader of its people and as such needs to let the followers know where they stand.this allows for less confusion on the part of the followers.When religion seems out of the loop how can its followers know where to stand on the issues of the day.

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