Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day/A tribute to Stefan

Today is New Years day and although I had to work it ended up being one of those quite days.Only one patient went out and only a few residents had visitors today.
After morning med pass we heated up the lasagna,I brought, and broke out our small buffet.
The aides just loved having this treat it made their day seem a little on the festive side.We all had fun and it helped us not miss our families so much on this holiday.
Today my husband was to drive to Pennsylvania for a funeral for his cousin Stefan.
Now Stefan and his wife Maria and their children started out life in Bulgaria during the reign of the communist Russians.
When life became to unbearable under this rule he and his wife and family decided it was time to escape and come to freedom.
They we're able to hide and walk until they ended up in Italy in a displaced persons camp.
Once there they got a hold of Vic's father who sent them the much needed money to come to the United States,where they lived with Vic's family for several years until they we're able to work and take their M.D. test to become doctors in this country,since that is what he and Maria were back in the old country.
They moved to Pennsylvania and set up a family practice where not only were they successful but being one hour away from Washington D.C. they were inflectional with the Bulgarian Embassy.
Stefan ended up getting cancer in the neck area and after several attempts at experimental drugs decided he could no longer fight a losing battle.
Several day after Christmas he left this world.
Today my husband and his sister decided to fly,rather then drive,out for the funeral on Saturday and although I miss Vic very much when he is away,I also understand how important this trip is for him to make.
So this is in tribute to not only a wonderful doctor but also a loving and kind man who touched not just my life but many others and whose healing hands brought comfort to his patients.
Here's to Stefan Alexandrov a very special person who will be greatly missed.

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