Friday, January 29, 2010


In our day to day lives we spend much time trying to discern what our inner feelings are and what our outer responses should be.
When I was in college I took several courses in psychology.We studied most of the history makers of the analytical world namely Sigmund Freud.
Now Freud spent a great deal of time talking about the conscious and subconscious world we all face in our day to day lives.Our personal struggles with our selves.
Freud referred to the id and the ego.Both trying to take over and over powering us while we try to keep our selves in check.
When I was a kid we used to think that we were in a spiritual war with the good and bad in our own make up.The devil on one shoulder and the saint on the other both trying to pull us in their direction.
As we get older we realize that the world expects us to be a certain person,to fit in and contribute to society.But we also have our subconscious,that which gives us ideas and dreams.Wanting things we can not have and dreaming about things we,in our everyday world have to suppress.Things like jealousy,rage,hatred and desires.
As we get older our lives on the outside may not be what our animal nature on the inside is.
Things we know are wrong to do outwardly we suppress and think about inwardly.
If our id and ego are in balance we are able to meet these internal desires and accept or face them down in order to keep our lives on track.But when our ego or id are off track we are off.This is why people molest,have affairs,rob or are abusive toward others.Since we have no balance we have no self control.
When most people think of Freud they think of a kind of sex nut but you must remember he lived in the time of the Victorian Era when people put skirts around the legs of their tables because it was to racy,or suggestive for the pure mind.
Some of Freud's principles are still very valuable and though Freud tended to like to blame parents and toilet training he also helped us to understand why we are torn apart in our personal lives.
Its been a great many years since Freud became the father of psychotherapy and since his time many scientist have come up with more practical therapy's like behaviorism,which states that we can change our lives if we learn to change our reaction and thought patterns.We are never a slave to our circumstances if we can meet our selves,understand our selves and change our behavioral pattens of action and reaction.
We do not have to lead the same old lives if we are willing to evaluate who we are,why we react the way we do and how we can change our selves for the better.
No one should be afraid of change if they are not afraid of themselves.Sometimes changing thought patterns also changes reaction.
We are as happy as we are willing to make ourselves and our surrounding.

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