Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

"Oh Christmas tree,oh Christmas tree how lovely are they branches"
So today is clean up day.I only planned on taking a few Christmas things down and saving the tree and manger for the weekend.
No such luck.
Now I have this problem when ever I decide to do something it becomes all or nothing.So having finished the things I wanted to put away I slowly moved to the tree.
I told myself I would only take some of the bulbs off but suddenly they were all off and the next thing I knew the lights and garland were neatly packed too.With this sad little tree sitting on the small book shelf by the window and its needles cascading to the floor with each touch,I decided to put it outside by the front steps to make it once more part of mother nature.
Next came all my antique Santa's off the entertainment center and before I knew it the manger and stable were boxed up and ready to be put back into the attic.
After the floor was vacuumed and things wiped down the thought hit me that I should finish putting plastic up on the parlor and kitchen windows.
So off to Wal Marts I went to help decrease our winter oil consumption,Al Gore would be proud.
You know its always sad to take the decorations down.The house looks so empty and it is as if happiness has left the building.How do we do it all through the year with out such loveliness all around us.
How do I decorate now,what can compare? flowers,plaid,bright colors? oh how confusing.
But you know while cleaning today I came across a box and in it were all the things needed to start a window sill herb garden.I think this will be my new happiness,I will plant them today put them in the window sill and watch daily to see if they take on life.Every day one step closer to full growth.
Maybe that's what Christmas has left us,the gift of a new year and new growth,every day one step closer to being who we should be.
Now isn't that a nice surprise and a nice challenge.


Fr. Peter said...

I always manage to do the same thing. I will only take a few things down and before you know it the mess is on and then you have to clean it up.

As far as the plastic, yes Al Gore would be happy except for the amount of fuel that is necessary to create the plastic in the first place. LOL

Stay warm!

Laura said...

Al Gore doesn't need any help in the proud department. As far as the new growth, if I planted and put it in front of a window in my house at this time of the year, I'd get what I deserve, nothing. Let us know how it does...Maybe you could get an early start on Valentine's day?

linda said...

You just can't win order to save fuel we have to burn fuel to make plastic.Its a cycle thats for sure.