Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mercy,Love and Justice

What do you do when you are hurt by the actions of another?
Most people who have been wronged try to make that person pay.
But do you know that when your angry at one person you become angry with everyone you meet.It's an unconscious way of making the whole world pay for being wronged by one person.
Funny the words love and forgive appear more times in the bible then you can imagine.
Jesus understood pain because he lived and bore witness to the wrongs of the world and said things like"love your enemy.forgive them forty times forty.what good does it serve you to forgive and love only your friends even the tax collector,gentiles and thieves do this and you are called to forgive and love enemies,you are called to do more."
The word hate and christian are an can not call your self a christian and hate your fellow man.You are called to love your enemy and do good to those who are not good to you.Turn the other cheek,so to speak.
We all suffer in this world but its what you do with that suffering that determines who you are.
When something bad happens to you make something good out of it.Find kindness,show mercy and give love.
God says justice is mine.
So today if you feel someone has wronged you in anyway take the time to even just smile at others.Say something kind to someone,extend a helping hand to those in need and in this way we help to heal our own wounds.
Being proactive allows us to see that just because we've been kicked down by the world God uplifts us.He always pays us back in spades.
So be good to everyone,including your self,and be healed

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