Wednesday, January 27, 2010


How do you decompress after a long tough day or week? what do you do to unwind?
I work at a job that is somewhat high stress.Every other weekend I work a three day stretch and let me tell you come Monday I'm just ready to be to me.
Since I have no real hobbies,because everything interest me but not much hold my undivided attention,I tend to have more of a routine that I practice.
Monday morning starts out with prayer,some bible reading then some readings from prayer books from St.Francis.
Once up I hit the shower,dress,grab my Cd's and its out to the car to catch up on some errands.
Now this may not seem very relaxing to you but it is to me.The freedom of driving and singing to my disc is uplifting to me.Its a time when I get to think about and make plans on all that has gone on in my life in the past three working days.
Sometimes I mindlessly go to different stores and look at clothes or gadgets with no real reason to be there just to admire the view.
Many mornings I stop for breakfast at a small restaurant in Putnam.I watch TV.and eat in peace with no one saying "Linda come here","someones the phone for you","can you help me do this or that?" or my favorite "Linda come quick,I need you now".That's never a good one.
In the nice warm weather I like to go up to St.Anne shrine in Southbridge Mass. and walk around the stations of the cross,stopping to think about each as I walk by them.
My favorite part is sitting on the bench across from the giant cross on the hill and just looking up trying not to think of anything.This cross is so large that if you walk up the steps to the top of the hill your head will come only up to the feet of Jesus.Now that's putting things into perspective.How small are we and how great is God?
Many of my friends when I tell them I enjoy times of just being alone feel bad for me,like I can't get a date.But I enjoy my alone time it gives me time to think.
Between you and me I must admit I have a bad habit.If I happen to be somewhere and see a friend or acquaintance I try to think of ways not to bump into them so I do not have to converse with them.I know this sounds bad but some weekends I feel I given so much to others that I have nothing left to give and nothing left to say.
Its not a snub to them its more of a need for me.
So I guess this is how I handle things and keep things in perspective.No life and no job is perfect we all need to find our outs and my out is alone time.
You know there is a reason God told us to make the seventh day a day of rest because he understood no person can be totally consumed every day.We each need to take time to meet ourselves and understand that we deserve our own attention.We are just as important to us as the rest of the world is.
We can't do God's work if were to tired and burnt out and we can't love our neighbor if we don't like ourselves.
Sometimes selfish is not always a bad thing.

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