Thursday, January 14, 2010


Now if you want a passionate subject bring up the word "Abortion".
Seems like everyone has their own opinions.Pro Life,Pro choice,it doesn't matter which side your on it will boil your neighbors blood,especially if you say the wrong thing.
This probably is one of the few subjects that you can get into trouble just by speaking your thoughts.You don't even have to have had an abortion and you can be made to feel like a great sinner.So much for freedom of speech.
Now I'm the kind of person who feels talk is good,no matter which side your own,its always good to air your views and come to understand another persons reason for why they feel the way they do.Give and take is always the right thing to do.
Tonight we had an adult education class and the subject turned to abortion.Why its right or wrong and how the church feels about it.
Fr.Peter brought up a good point that if a man knows his wife/girlfriend is having an abortion and does nothing about it he also is as guilty as she is.
"Good for you Fr.its about time men get to be apart of the guilt not just women."It take two to have a baby and two to have an abortion and if your not part of the solution then your part of the problem.
So stand up and be a man,help raise this child,its yours too you know.
Several months ago one of the aides at work come to me and told me her 16 year old daughter was pregnant,scared and was thinking about an abortion.
My friend was not sure how she would tell her husband he was to be a grandfather in in March.
I told her I was so excited about this baby and she should be too.We talked about how thrilling it was going to be to hold this baby in her arms and forget all the trauma she was going through right now.
Last week I got an invitation to her daughters shower. March is just around the corner and we laughed and I said "doesn't it seem like just yesterday when you were wondering how to break the news to your husband and your new grandson will be here before you know it".
I think this may be the answer to the abortion question.Just say.. how can I help? isn't this exciting? and most of all.. I will be here to support you through this,you are not alone.
Although this girls' boyfriend is not interested in this child we at work are and I can tell you I plan to attend this shower and hopefully soon hold that cute little boy in my arms.
The problem with being alone and pregnant is its frightening.Women need support and men need to take responsibility,even if marriage is not in the picture.
We need to stop with the guilt and start with the possibilities of how beautiful the future can be if you just hang on.
We has a church group need to be the support system so when some one feels they can not possibly carry and raise a child we say "yes you can and we are here to help are not alone".

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