Friday, January 8, 2010


Have you ever wondered what your talent is?
I have wondered for many years what mine is.
I have two friends both named Laura.
Laura G. and I have been friends since grammar school and high school.Laura was always a very talented person.Good at math,spelling,memory but her best talent was drawing.She could draw with charcoal like you could not believe,her specialty was horses.
I remember being in high school and she would take art classes and the drawings and talents she had with her hands were,well impressive.
Now my other friend Laura D.I have only known for 4 or so years.She has a beautiful singing voice so nice she could record and sell her religious songs.
I have never been clear on what exactly my talent was.It seems anything that I do in life requires a great deal of work.nothing has ever come easy to me.
I know what I enjoy but nothing is outstanding or truly special.
Last Saturday while my husband was away I rented the movie "Julie and Julia",this movie is about a woman who decides in one year she will try to cook over 500 of Julia Child's recipes.
Now Julia Child did not start out has a chief,she liked to cook but nothing more.
While her husband and she were living in Paris,she needed a Hobby to keep her self busy while he was at work.
She tried all kinds of different classes but found she had no real interest in any of them.
One day she signed up for cooking classes but became bored because it was to basic for her.After some searching she found a class for more advanced students taught by a male teacher for men only.She was able to persuade them to let her take this class and found she really loved French cooking.
She had found her talent! And once she graduated and earned her chief license she started her own cooking classes then,with the help of a friend,wrote a French cookbook for American housewives,"in English" unheard of in her time.
I have come to the conclusion in my life that this most likely is how I too will find my talent,through exposer to different things.
No one can discover who they are by only doing what they know and how do you know what you can do unless you try.
We has Americans tend to shy away from what we do not feel we are good at,we fear failure like the plague.We are all overly sensitive to what others opinions are of us and fear the end before we even start the beginning.
I think this year I will try to be a bit braver and try out more new experiences.
After all you only live once so why not live with a little adventure.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes when your good at many things it's hard to pinpoint what your best at. Finding Linda, it sounds like a New Year's Resolution. Good luck with that!

linda said...

thanks,unfortunitly I do not believe in puts to much stress on me and its no fun.