Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yesterday was our Wedding Anniversary and we decided to eat out.
At Christmas my Aunt Anita gave us a $25.00 gift card to Chili's so we decided to go to Auburn Mass.our nearest Chili's restaurant.
Now being Friday night we had to wait about twenty minutes to get in,so we went and sat in the designated waiting area and has is par for the course we had a couple sit near us with small unruly children.
Trust me when I say I don't hate kids and I understand that children will be children but maybe a fast food place would be more of an advantage for everyone involved.
If this is impossible don't be afraid to set boundaries,even a two year old understands what is right and wrong and if all else fails bring toys and snacks.Remember waiting is boring not only for you but for them too and they don't understand what to do with all that energy.
Once at our table we each decided to get a top shelf Margarita and
while waiting for our drinks my husband found a two for meal special on the menu.
For $20.00 we could get one shared appetizer,each an entree and shared desert.
Now I love a good Margarita and that's tough to find,most restaurants are not good at making these drinks.So with great anticipation and what seemed like forever my frosted,salty rimmed glass full of this yellow concoction made it's way to our table.
With both hands around my glass I lifted and tilted my drink to my mouth,closed my eyes, took a long swallow and realized the strength of the alcohol was over powering,to say the least.
I called the waiter over to ask that more lemon mix be added to which he said "there is no mix in this,it's real lime."He kindle took both glasses back to the bar and had them add more fresh squeezed lime to them. Making both drinks taste wonderfully fresh and fruity.
Vic and I both ordered the baby back ribs for our entree,so good they just melted in our mouths,and although I don't like this term... "they were to die for."Our feast ended with a shared hot brownie topped with ice cream...yum yum....
What a great night we had and what fun.When the bill came we both laughed because the total for the food was $20.but the total of the drinks were $15.00.I can tell you we were glad we had our gift card because it allowed us to splurged on our beverages.
So thanks Aunt Anita this was well spent money on your part and we greatly appreciated it.

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Laura said...

Happy belated anniversary