Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jim Morrison

On July 3rd 1971 Jim Morrison,of the band the doors, was found dead in his hotel in Paris,he was 27 years old.
He and his band created such songs as Light My Fire,Riders On The Storm and People Are Strange.He considered himself a poet.
Born the son of a military man he was not one for rules. As a child while driving through the desert with his family he can across a car accident in which several American Indians were killed,he felt that an Indian spirit followed him for the rest of his short life.
He was a hard living,hard drinking drug abuser who was never able to find much peace in his life.He pushed the envelope and paid the price for his odd ways.While in Florida he was found exposing himself on stage.He ran off to Paris,to avoid jail time, where he was found dead in his bath tub.
For all his short comings he was a talented writer and musician who was able to capture his audience.A product of the hippie 60's he was another musician who accidentally ended his life way to early.I guess some people are just not meant to live a long life besides who could see Jim as a 60 year old man.
Well Jim on July 3rd 1971 you truly did get to break on through to the other side,hope your at peace now.

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