Thursday, July 9, 2009

Joe Liberman

Knowing me you probably know that I tend to complain about the government more then applaud it.But always willing to give credit where credit is due I need to take my hat off to our Senator from Conn. Joseph Lieberman.
This is a man I truly respect.He has no problem telling it like it is suggesting and enacting things when he feels things are wrong.
Today Sen.Lieberman was on TV talking about the embarrassment of the recent security debacle in the Washington DC.Federal Buildings.10 out of 10 times undercover people were able to bring bomb parts into these buildings and assemble said bombs. Where was security in these building? Well one guard was sleeping on the job,saying he was on powerful prescription drugs and another had a porno website which he was running during office hours.
Sen.Lieberman said this was an out rage and better over site in needed by their employers especially since they want more money.The Senator said if these people can't do better over site then they will get no more money and shake downs need to be done.
I personally have never worked at a job where I had so little to do that I could sleep at a desk or play on a computer.
This is a terrible embarrassment when you consider all the people losing their jobs every day and these people are being paid to do nothing.
Today I plan to take the time to send an email of my approval to our Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman,Who became an independent when several years ago he was thrown under the bus by the democratic party and Chris Dodd,While Sen.Lieberman was trying to run for president.
I think the reason we feel there is no one in Washington watching out for us is because the good Representatives are trying to do their jobs and not worrying how much publicity they get.Maybe its time we find these men and women and bring them out publicly,then use them to advance the good of the people.
Thanks Senator Joe Lieberman !!!!


Walt Trachim said...

I have to say that over the past 10 years or so I've had my ups and downs about Sen. Lieberman, but overall I have to agree with you.

The man has a clue, and he is both underrated and underestimated most of the time. I just wish he were one of ours! Instead, we have Jeanne Shaheen, who is incredibly inconsistent, and Judd Gregg, who is on his way out. However, we may have some hope in 2010. There is a possibility the outgoing NH AG might run for Gregg's seat. Personally I think that would be a good thing as Kelly Ayotte (the AG) is very, very good.

Nice post, Linda. Here's hoping all's well.

linda said...

just remember walt we're stuck with chris dodd and he never plans on leaving.we need term limits...