Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thank You FR. Peter

How does one express thanks for all an individual has done to help you in times of need?
In the year 2004 my mother was diagnosed with untreatable colon cancer.Knowing she would only have a matter of six months to live Vic and I decided this would be a good time to get married,it would give her some happiness to look forward to.
Several months earlier one of Vic's friends had gotten married by a justice of the peace while at their wedding the justice come over to us to say if we we're in need of being married he would be more then happy to do it.At that time Vic and I decided we we're not the type of people who wanted to be married in that way,Besides I told Vic if we decide to get married it will be before God and everyone.
Now with the decision of being married made we needed to figure out who would marry us.Although I was Catholic at the time I was not in good standing with them,I was never divorced from my first husband through the church and Vic and I had been living together for quit some time.We needed to find a church that would not only marry us but do it before my mother was to sick to attend.
My brother in law Nick told us they had a new priest at St. Michael's he was of Scottish ancestry and spoke English.
We decided to attend church and meet Fr.Peter for our selves and see if he would be willing to marry us.He very kindly said yes but on the condition that we would make every attempt to go to services,which we happily agreed to.
Though it seemed hairy at first getting together the needed documents,my divorce decree which the Putnam court house could not locate and Vic's baptismal certificate which arrived to Fr.Peter on New Years eve,one week before our wedding,All worked out in the end.
After our marriage came more troubling times one month before my mother died my father had a stroke and needed to be in a nursing home.That first lent I spent much time at church services Fr.Peter giving words of encouragement through his sermons.
After my mother's death came my fathers sickness and death and my son being sent to Iraq.I was named executor of my parents estate during a bad economy and with the feeling that losing my mind was always only one small step away I knew father Peter was always there for me.He allowed me to barge into his house at a monents notice to talk with him and help me get myself back on track.
It has been 4 years since I've come to know this wonderful man who has helped me through both my emotional and spiritual problems.He is truly a friend whom my husband and I would do any thing he ask of us.He is a forward thinker and mover and makes me understand that stepping away from your fears is stepping toward God.Thank you Fr.Peter you are truly loved and appreciated more then you will ever know,And happy 5th year aniversary to you.

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Laura said...

Nice post,Linda. Your story reminded me how fast time goes, and short of missing your wedding, I recall most of those events. Ones that you shared with Father and other's at St. Michael's. The one that sticks out tonight in my mind, was the day you became Orthodox. Father did all that? Remarkable.