Monday, July 6, 2009

Gift Cards

How many gift cards do you have hanging around your house? How many of them are over one year old?
My husband and I always have a collection of gift cards in our car glove compartment.Some times we turn them in right away and sometimes we wait several years to use them.
Saturday morning while watching the fox financial report the guests we're talking about this new idea the government has.If you have a gift card over a year old,even if it has no expiration date on it, the government wants the right to take the unclaimed cash from your lack of use,then your card will be no good.
Now I don't know about you but most of my gift cards are just that "gifts" and as such I feel that if I do not choose to use my gift for several years that is my right.
How would you like it if someone bought you a gift and after one year your neighbors came to your house to see if you used it,if not, they would take it from you,return it to a store then keep your gift money.Why? because you chose not to use it within 365 days of purchase.
I was raised to believe that when a gift is given it no longer belongs to you nor dose it belong to the neighborhood. A gift is a gift and when the receiver decides the time is right,then they will use it.
Our government today feels they are entitled to every thing we own and now they are entitled to your gift cards.Where does this nonsense end?This is absolutely crazy and if they choose to follow through with this ridicules idea then we need to choose new elected officials.
All I can say is "Hands off my gifts!".Hey here's an idea why doesn't the government cut back on their own spending and stop trying to steal from me.Whats mine is mine unless I choose it to be other wise.

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Laura said...

Ditto! Who do they think they are. These light bulbs ought to be looking at their own wealth for the most part, because they have it, and stop Robinhooding their neighbor.