Monday, February 16, 2009

Valetines day

My husband and I are not real big Valentine celebrators we usually just give each other a card,a hug and a kiss.This year we did a little more for each other.
On Friday I cooked Vic a turkey dinner,his favorite meal,if it were up to him we would have turkey once a week.We have gotten so we have the whole turkey meal down to a system.I tie and put the turkey on the spicket that goes into our rotisserie and when its down we take it out,Vic carves it while I set the table,and of course Christy our dog gets a few pieces as he's carving it,Vic says she has scavenging rights.Once the meal is done we pull the rest of the meat off the carcass put it into zip lock bags and freeze it for future use.
Vic got me a simple card with a cute little white dog on the front wearing a big heart and a miniature rose bush to plant this spring,I got him a small balloon that says i love you a card and a hallmark ecard.
Saturday afternoon when I got home he suggested we go see the new pink panther movie, which i jumped .I have been a pink panther person since the seventies.Peter Sellers was my favorite inspector but David Niven was also good.I must admit Steve Martin is very good in the new panther movies he has that slap stick nack and is able to carry it off.This was an fun evening and Valentine's day ended up being a 2 day event from Friday to Saturday evening.

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